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Welcome to us!  LOL… no seriously. Welcome!  We’re very glad your here. For 20 years we’ve been helping businesses (just like yours) to dominate Google Search   

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Meet Our EXPERT Team of errrrr SEO Experts

We’re a fun loving, rowdy bunch of SEO Mavericks, who like to drink, meet new people and importantly are excellent at SEO

….Meet our Team of SEO Experts

Glenn P Burgess
Co-Founder: SEO London Co

Famous for building a Facebook-like Online community "Utopia" (6 years before Myspace or Facebook) in the late 90's - Glenn P Burgess has since been dominating Google Search Rankings for the last 2 decades. Also the CEO of POW! the PR & Branding Agency, he now primarily invests in start-ups as a Venture capitalist. Famous Quote: "...god damn it! I should've been Zuckerburg!"

Alex Pemberton
Managing Director

Passionate about all things SEO related & Digital Marketing, Alex manages the SEO London Company on a day to day basis. A dedicated father & family man he is obessed with Teaching & assisting Startups to succeed. When not managind SEO Projects he coaches & mentors new businesses for the North London Business exchange & Harrow Council. Famous Quote: "Ummm I dunno - but I do love Rum!"

Paul Haroon
U/X Designer & SEO Manager

SEO obessed Paul follows the Google Algorythm like a duckling follows it's mother. Quack! A truly gifted artist & Poet Paul spends his workday obessively Backl-linking, reasearching the compeition and dealing with our happy clients. But his evenings are spent painting and making incredible art. He is our true Artist. Famous Quote: "...come on dude lets take end of August off this year & go to Burning Man! "

Jeff Spires
Co-Founder: SEO London Co

UK's No1 Marketing behaviourial Psychologist - Co founder of Pow & the SEO London Company, Jeff is a life long learner & obessive student of NLP, CBT and Positive Psychology. An SEO titan he is also a master of everything he decides to focus his attention on... he is a published Author, musician, public speaker and founder of numerous successful businesses. Famous Quote: "Love what you do....Do what you love. Awww"

Fidel Williams
Google Analytics & SEO Expert

A true master of Analytics after years with Dennis Publishing, Fidel is our in house Analytics expert. A master of all things to do with SEO Optimisation, SEO Research and setting up Goals and Conversion Metrics for us, when not handling all Client reporting.... he is busy out clubbing and living his life to the full. Famous Quote: "Umm I dunno - I just started here bro. LOL"

Gurvinder Bhamra
SEO Client Liasion

The Queen of Customer service & an ex-City Banker. Gurvinder is famous for advising Barclays board to get out of Russia just before the Collapse. Sick of the city she became a Teacher of Economics at Channing before leaving to work full time with us. In charge of client onboarding and looking after all our SEO clients happiness. She is outstanding in every way and also keeps up all in line as the boss of the office. Famous Quote: "... I have a Economics degree don't you forget it. Eeeek - scarey!"

Michael Odin
Head of Onsite Optimisation Department

Michael is guru of all things Web design and to do with onsight SEO Optimisation. From fising up Heading tags, to sort out keywords inside of "Image properties" he spends his days fixing up other Web developers bad coding and optimising our clients websites code. In charge of 5 people in his department... he is considered by the Team to be a Guru of Coding and is loved by all. Famous Quote: "These HTML H1 Tags are sooooo wrong man"

Sam Bean
SEO Researcher & SEO Copy Writing

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers & content marketers face is writing content that’s optimized for search engines, yet will also appeal to people. Sam Bean is a master of the written word & writing awesome conversion focused SEO copy. A journalist by trade he became obessed about marketing 13 years ago. When not writing amazing SEO friendly sales copy... he is usually busy organising his wedding. Famous Quote: "Hmmm, White table cloth or red? You guys are all still definately coming - right? LOL"

Scott John Smyth
SEO Expert

Scotty is our in-house / outsourced freelance SEO guru. 100% one of the Top SEO Experts in the World he is brought inas required. He can wax lyrical on SEO tactics for days on end. And usually does. LOL. Friends with Co-Founder Glenn for the last 15 years. Scott is a Dedicated family man and when not being an absolute SEO Legend and getting awesome results... he can be found in Florida with his family enjoying the sun... Famous Quote: "... I have a Family Pass for everywhere in the Florida Theme parks mate!"

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