Copy Writing

Sales Copy – Keyword SEO Friendly copywriting that will get you the found AND also "Close the SALE"

SEO Friendly Copy that will get you a Traffic Stampede
& that closes the SALE every time!

Writing effective Copy that is Search Engine friendly is a delicate balance between both satisfying your website’s human visitors & also the satisfying the search engine spiders.

Search Engine Copy Writing is a proven technique of writing text on your web pages so that it reads well both for the surfer while also targeting specific popular search terms or “Keywords”.

SEO Copy writing has amazing affects!

SEO Friendly Copywriting, is a new talent involving “researching to see what terms will pull you in the traffic” and then crafting well honed web pages that target these keywords without becoming a mere unethical SEO keyword “loaded” pages that are awkward and difficult to read.

The copy we’ll write for you, will be finely honed Sales Copy that reads well and at the same time be optimised for maximum Search Engine Friendliness – pulling you in a tonne of Traffic.

Our SEO Copy will also be:

  • Search Engine Friendly Keyword “Rich” text
  • Well honed & Easy to Read – Customer Focused
  • Be Benefit Focused & Sales Orientated
  • Gain you more Traffic & Convert More SALESs

With professional SEO copywriting like we produce at POW, your website visitor will stay longer and read far more site content…. and thus is far more likely make
a purchase.

Remember Search algorithms are changing and evolving all the time, so we have to keep abreast of these changes.


Beware of the old secrets amongst inaccurate, outdated information published on the internet.


For a concise, clear and direct presentation of exactly what you do and for a well optimized website – contact us!

Our other SEO Services include:


  • SEO web design (and re-design) for search engine accessibility
  • SEO copywriting to boost content performance and conversion
    Expert keyword research to identify the best keywords by volume & competition
  • Search engine optimization and SEO Audits of existing websites
  • Article submission for SEO, to boost brand awareness and improve search ranking
  • One way link building service to boost link popularity
  • Search Directory Submission (7000 in existence)


Drive up search engine traffic volumes to your website & to increase conversions & revenue from your visitors with our professional SEO services.

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