Case Study: Dr. Alan Sidi, Gum Recession Expert

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Dr. Alan Sidi

The Problem

Dr. Alan Sidi, a renowned Hayley St Dentist & Gum recession expert was struggling to get found…

Dr. Alan is the U.K.s number one, gum recession expert. Though he lecturers at St Guys Hospital in London, his private London practice was suffering from a lack of Leads.

He approached us in the hope of improving his Google Search results, increasing his website conversions, getting to No 1 in Search Results – and thus getting more Free Traffic.

The Solution

We first conducted a thorough SEO Analysis & and discovered massive opportunities for Dr. Alan around the Keyword “Gum recession”  with 5,400 Searchers per month. As well as other keywords relating to the “Causes of gum recession” etc

While our SEO Competition included Global brands like Colgate & Wikipedia already in No 1 & 2  – as always – we knew with our Expertise that we could pull it off.

Technique 1

New Website & Mobile Friendly

Because his website was looking very outdated & tired (meaning a bad user experience) and it was NOT Mobile Responsive… as well as SEO we gave it a good ol’ Web 2.0 Revamp


The RESULT= a Slick Website
and Google-friendly mobile site

Technique 2

Onsite SEO Optimisation

With the sexy NEW website in place we then Commenced our on-site optimisation.

This involved a thorough Analysis of the Top 10 Competitors in Search Results for his chosen keywords.

This analysis then gave us a strategy to backward engineer Tactics to beat the competition. 

The Results

Not only No 1 for all his Chosen Keywords…

But he Ranked Number 1 for 16 Long Tail Keywords

Enjoy the Volume of Leads and Profits – and the quality of life you deserve.

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